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Air Duct Cleaning PA

Ever wonder why your house is just as dusty as the day before?

Ever wonder what lurks inside of your airducts?

Air Duct Cleaning – See how we clean your air duct vents in this short video

Bucks County Air Duct Cleaning

The air inside of your home can be dirtier than the outside air. This is what you and your family breath every day when your ducts are dirty.

Energy Savings NADCA

Dirty Airducts?

Indoor Air Quality

The air ducts in your home act as your lungs do for your body. Its purpose is to filter and recirculate air through out your home. However, once the system becomes dirty, it will recirculate dirty air. It is important to keep your air system in good shape, regular cleanings and use a good filter.

Just moved into a new home and thinking of getting your ducts cleaned?

70%-80% of dust in your home is made up of human skin. Do you really want your family breathing in your past owner’s pet dander, skin or other debris?

Have one of our certified duct cleaning technicians over to clean your home’s duct system and make it fresh and new.

Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services is Pennsylvania’s Air Duct Cleaning and Source Removal experts. We provide a very extensive air duct cleaning practices to ensure that our homeowners’ ductwork is clean and dirt free.

Air Duct Dangers

Though you may not be aware of it, your dirty air ducts could be passing dust, dirt, dead insects, animal hair, dander, pollen, paper dust, dead skin, cigarette tar, smoke, asbestos, fungus spores, pathogens and bacterial colonies. These things can be harmful to your health… Learn more about why you should clean your air ducts, as well as the problem of indoor air pollution.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

There are two different methods of duct cleaning; the right one and the wrong one.
air duct cleaning pa air duct vacuumMany air duct cleaning service companies advertise “$99” Total Home Air Duct Cleaning which you are right – it is simply too good to be true. Here’s the deal . . . no air duct cleaning can be done properly for $99 or in many cases even $299.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that “duct cleaning services typically range in cost from $450 to $1000 per heating and cooling system, depending on the services offered, the size of the system to be cleaned, system accessibility, climactic region, and level of contamination” and type of duct material.

Important Questions to Ask Prior to Scheduling Duct Cleaning Service from Any Company:

  • Will both the return and supply trunk be cleaned and at what cost?
  • Will both the supply and return be brushed and air scrubbed?
  • Will each individual supply branch also be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will each return be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will the technician use an inspection device to guarantee that all debris has been removed to my satisfaction?
  • Will the return drop be vacuumed?
  • Will each register be removed and air scrubbed or will tech use only the reverse sweep method?
  • Will the Furnace/ Air Handler be cleaned and inspected?

Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services of Pennsylvania confidently answers, YES to completing all correct air duct cleaning methods listed. Simply put, we are very thorough when it comes to air duct cleaning service. Providing service that covers all points is the only correct way to properly clean air ducts. We follow all of the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) guidelines for a professional result.

Correctly performed whole house air duct cleaning service may cost between $299-$799. Final price is determined by the size of home, if the property is a single or two story home, how many systems need to be cleaned and location of the ductwork will determine the pricing. Call for a no obligation free in home estimate. I feel so sure you will be satisfied I will offer my professional evaluation for free.