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Our company has earned the highest standard and level of certification obtainable for chimney cleaning technicians to be the very best at our jobs. As Certified Chimney Sweeps and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, (otherwise known as the CSIA)  our technicians know how to properly inspect chimneys for dirt, debris, and leaks, perform repairs and fix any damage. Our technicians can make any chimney look spotless effortlessly by scrubbing away the ash and soot. 


As qualified professionals, we are able to identify and repair extensive damage. During our visual inspections, we check for flammable materials, cleanliness, and the overall condition of the flue. Dust, mildew, pollen, mold, and flammable creosote are some of the hazards that can build up and collect in the flue of a chimney. A thorough and annual inspection, and cleaning if necessary, will dislodge and remove such build-ups. We can also help with animal removal before they cause damage to your home or themselves. Frequently, condo and townhome communities mandate fireplace chimney inspections, either annually or bi-annually.


Annual inspections are highly recommended by our company to ensure your chimney remains debris and damage free. A chimney that doesn’t direct smoke away properly can be a threat of hazardous fumes and materials leaking into your home, as well as a source of chimney fires that can cause damage to your roof or house.

Our Approach to Chimney Cleaning

Apex can help with humane animal removal before they incur damage to your home or themselves.  We will get this done for you as quickly, professionally, and affordably as we can. That way, animals will not be harmed or cause damage to your home that can be costly in damages. 

Your chimney technician can remove the empty bird nests from dryer vents by using air tools and specialized brushes, subsequently treating it with disinfectant to kill any germs, mites, or other insects afterward. Our job is to make sure our clients have the best quality work to benefit their home.

Why We Are Bucks County Chimney Cleaning Professionals

Our experts are able to rid a fireplace of hazardous substances called creosote, a type of soot that can form in your chimney.  The earlier the removal the better due to its tar-like substance that forms inside your chimney. 


As it accumulates, it can keep smoke and air from getting out. That allows toxic gasses, like carbon monoxide, to build up. As creosote piles up, it becomes harder to remove, and becomes a house fire hazard. Our experts can prevent potential carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fire hazards that risk your time, health, and money. We make sure our professionals do the job right the first time, ensuring our clients are satisfied.

Why Choose Us?



We’re Certified:

Our service technicians are Certified Chimney Sweeps and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. We make sure we do a professional and thorough job.


We’re Dependable:

Bucks County has relied on our services for over 30 years. We are proud to have maintained a reputation of trust and honesty throughout the community.


We’re  Professional:

From start to finish, we’ll handle all aspects of the cleaning process.  We’ll make sure the job is done right the first time.



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