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Animal Removal – Chimneys

Animals, such as birds and rodents, are not uncommon to find in chimneys and dryer vents.  They can be a terrible nuisance and should be removed immediately as to not incur harm to the animals or costly damage to your home.

How can I tell if there are animals in my chimney or dryer vents?

If you have rodents or other animals in your chimney or dryer vents, you may be able to see the animals entering from outside the house.  Some other indicators are foul smell and noise.

When a nest is built in a dryer vent, you will notice your dryer taking longer to dryer your clothes.  This is because the air flow is being restricted. This is a serious issue as it could cause your dryer to overheat and catch on fire.

How are these pests removed?

A technician will use an animal repellant soaked tennis ball, drop it down the flue and the next the raccoon or other critter will move elsewhere. It is made out of male raccoon urine. It is important to get these unwanted guests evicted right away as male racoons are very aggressive and will kill their own to mate again. The technicians chase them out, then caps off the top flue.

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