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Watch as our Technician John demonstrates how we clean your Air Duct!

Did you know that 80% of the dust in your home’s air duct system is made up of human skin? If you purchased a home recently in Pennsylvania and are wondering if you should have your air ducts cleaned, well here is your answer.  Your air ducts in your home act as a set of lungs, constantly filtering your homes air. If your air ducts are dirty, then the air in your home will stay dirty.  Having your air duct cleaned allows your HVAC system in your PA home to properly filter the air and keep your HVAC system running efficiently. More homes today have poor indoor air quality due to the air tight designs not allowing fresh air to enter. We here at Apex  take pride in what we do and we treat our customers with the utmost care, that is why we continue to educate our technicians so we can improve ourselves for you, our customers.

We  have been serving Pennsylvania for over 30 years, repairing appliances, cleaning dryer vents, and inspecting fireplace chimneys. We specialize in all aspects of duct cleaning and we carry certifications from NADCA (, The Chimney Safety Institute of America, (CSIA) and are fully insured.


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