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Bucks Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air quality in your home

For over 30 years, Apex Air Duct Cleaning has been serving Bucks County Pennsylvania. We love visiting the open Country areas in Bucks County PA. The calming effect it has over us as we are driving through, makes for a clear mind. Serving our faithful customers in Bucks County PA  has been a pleasure for all of these years. We offer many different services for our homeowners to take advantage of, Whole house Air duct cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning and Fireplace Chimney Sweeping.

We carry all of the insurances and certifications needed to the one source service company for all of your Air Duct cleaning cleaning needs.

Don’t let your indoor air quality effect your breathing during the dry winter months, as many new homes are built air tight, preventing the flow of fresh air in. Although they are insulated very well, it has its draw backs. Keeping your air ducts cleaned is a major step in preventing indoor air quality issues that can effect your families health.

Clean and dirty air ducts
Cleaned air ducts

Have one of our NADCA Certified service technicians give your air duct system an inspection to see how we can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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