Cleaner Dryer Means Safer Home

Ever wonder where the missing socks go after you do your wash? They’re in your dryer. Having your dryer’s interior cleaned every few years can save your house from burning down.  Many people are becoming aware of the lint that builds up inside of a dryer vent, but more people than not are not aware of the lint built up inside their dryer. Apex Dryer repair prides itself as experts in dryer vent cleaning, dryer repairs, and interior dryer cleanings. Being professional Dryer cleaners, did not happen overnight. In fact because there are so many new clothes dryer designs, our clothes dryer cleaners train every month in our location in Levittown PA. So what does the manufactures say about having your dryer’s interior cleaned every few months?

Dryer manufactures recommend every 2 years to clean the interior of your clothes dryer and dryer vent. Cleaning dryer vents in PA has common practice for us, all 10 of technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, CSIA. We have been providing this service for over 32 years.

So here is the best practice to follow when it comes to dryer vent cleaning, dryer repairs and interior dryer cleaning. Do it regularly, don’t ignore it. Dryer fires are real, they are very common. The only way to prevent it is to have a professional dryer cleaner service your dryer regularly. Here is how it is done

This common practice is performed by our dryer cleaners every day, so you can be assured you are getting the proper service. This is the best way to prevent a fire from occurring inside of your dryer. National Fire Safety Agency