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Dryer Vent Warning

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Simple warning signs to look for if you believe your dryer vent maybe clogged. The first sign is that the dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes than normal. The average load of towels should take 40-60 minutes to dry. The second sign is that the dryer seems hotter than normal to the touch. When the vent becomes blocked, it is unable to dissipate the heat making the dryer run hotter. The third warning sign is the clothes are just not drying at all, this is obvious when the dryer turns off and the clothes are still wet. Most people put the clothes through another time to finish them off, however, they are putting themselves in a hazardous position.

Once the dryer vent is clogged, the dryer will run longer, hotter and will eventually overheat.

Things to check:

  • Make sure you clean your lint filter after each load
  • Don’t overload your dryer
  • Make sure the vent hose behind your dryer is not kinked
  • Look down the lint filter housing for heavy lint buildup (the part the lint filter slides into)
  • While the dryer is running go outside and see if the dryer vent hood’s flap is fully opened

Crushed vent hose behind your dryer is common and it happens slowly over time. every time you slam or push on the dryer’s door, it slowly crushes the venting behind the dryer.

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