Bucks County Bird Nest Removal

Our little town of Levittown Pennsylvania has grown up in the past 10 years. More Townhouses & Condo communities requiring dryer vent cleanings has also grown with it. Cleaning your dryer vent protects your home and your neighbors home from a dryer  fire. Levittown Pennsylvania is not the only town in Bucks County PA to experience this rapid growth over the past 10 years, just look around PA. The requirement to maintain clean dryer vents in communities that the homes are attached on either side is a good one. If you clean your dryer vent and your next door neighbor does not, then you are still at risk of a possible dryer fire. Keep your home in Levittown Pennsylvania safe from a dryer vent fire, have your dryer vent cleaned every 2 years for safety.

Lint is so small that it by passes the lint filter and over time it starts to accumulate inside of the dryer’s cavity and the dryer’s venting system. Once the lint has accumulated in the system there a several triggers that make the dryer overheat and ignite the lint.  These triggers prevent the dryer from operating normally. Lack of airflow causes the dryer to run longer, hotter and eventually overheat. Once the dryer overheats, any lint that has built up inside of it will catch on fire.

Don’t Let This Happen to You! 

Dryer fire in a home

Have one of our Certified Dryer Vent cleaning Professionals clean your dryer vent.